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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. they could leave san francisco for the first time in decades. we will tell you about the vote that puts san francisco 49ers one step closer to the south bay. we have other areas running warmer, we will tell you why coming up. and pepper spray at davis, today university officials will have to explain their controversial response to protesters. and we have an early morning fire in oakland, why the police also went to the scene. ktvu channel 2 news continues. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is wednesday december 14th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic, here is steve. we have many locations,
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peninsular south bay and north bay has gone up, fairfield has gone up, napa holding at 28 and there are a few readings that are very cold. if you are in lake county it's really cold, napa 29 and send lean in -- semolina is cold, here is sal. san mateo bridge looks good, no major problems there heading to the high-rise. it is clear and cold but slow traffic is already building in antioch, let's go back to the desk. time now 6:01, big night last night, the future of the san francisco 49ers is now in the hands of the football league. tara moriarty is live at the time's current home in san francisco, good morning tara. well many folks in san
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francisco are heart broken that san francisco 49ers could possibly leave their city. some say it would not be a big deal because the traffic situation here at candle stick park is such a nightmare. but here many folks in santa clara feel they have scored. [applauds] congratulations to the san francisco 49ers... >> reporter: cheersee resulted to top 850,000 dollars in loans from 30 banks. it came from the redevelopment agency and the rest came from the nfl but the nfl is not locked in for the last of the money needed to secure their stadium. >> i'm sure we have more work to do to get under construction but -- under construction but we are looking forward to getting that work done. we love san francisco, this is
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not about the san francisco 49ers leaving san francisco, this is about a new stadium for the san francisco 49ers. >> reporter: construction is set to begin in a parking lot of great america's amusement park next year but some say it's too much debt for the residents of santa clara to pay. if you break it down it is more than $700,000 per person. they have sold 200 million in luxury seats and they plan to sell stadium seats to the general public next year. live in candle stick park ktvu channel 2 news. crews are on the scene of an early morning fire which started a few hours ago inside a clubhouse on 22nd and international. investigators are still looking for the cause. now the fire may be tied to something found inside that burning building. >> we found some marijuana on the scene, we are not sure, a
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small amount is there but at this point we are not sure what action to take. >> nobody was near the building when the crews arrived and firefighters had the fire under control in just about 30 minutes. how much did the port of oakland loose during monday's occupied protest. $8million that day alone and that estimate is announced by port officials. truck drivers lost between 500 and $1,000 of their own money. the occupied protesters blocked most of the entrances to the port of oakland causing delays for long shore men, truck deliveries and pick ups. a recent protest on college campuses, state lawmakers want to know if university police went too far. lorraine blanco is at uc berkeley with allegations of excessive force. >> reporter: well a student sent me an e-mail from the uc
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berkley chancellors apologizing about the baton incidents here on the campus. it says i will do my very best to ensure this will not happen again. one student says that apology is not enough. the hearing at the state capital will examine this incident as well as the pepper spraying at uc davis. they will talk about nonviolence enforced rules. >> the chancellor should step it up and be more visible on campus show their faces and take more into consideration regardless of the issue violence is not okay. >> reporter: now uc davis chancellors are set to testify this afternoon at this hearing
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as well as student leaders and it is set to take place at the state capital today. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. they will announce a new aid program for families. it is the first of its kind and uc berkeley has a lock history dark are -- long history of helping students and families there. a payroll tax cut extension, now they are challenging the u.s. senate. >> the senate can take up the bill, they can pass it, amends it and move their own bill but it's time for the senate to act... >> coming up at 6:15, we will bring you a live report on the battle between republicans and democrats that needs to be settled by friday.
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and also, two balanced budget amendments, there is one for republicans and one from democrats and the republican plan requires the spending not exceed revenues in anyone fiscal year. the democrats bill does not have spending caps and they are not trying to balance the budget. neither is required to get the two thirds majority. how is traffic looking sal? traffic is moving along relatively well but we have red sensors here in antioch and as you can see it is becoming a bigger slow down in the pittsburgh area. westbound highway 4 traffic looks good. eastbound highway 2 there is a crash on the shoulder and causing a delay for the morning commute. if you are on 80 between richmond and vallejo, it is just after the bridge heading west and between the bay
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between san rafael and 101 it is a nice drive. at the golden gate bridge here, southbound 101 traffic looks good heading down to the toll plaza. and let's move along to northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 and that traffic is looking pretty good. at 6:07 let's go to steve. it's cold out there but not as cold for many, we have low clouds around north bay, they are still dealing with 20s and actually it has been going up in a few locations. we will have some very light rain for us tomorrow and after that our forecast models say we go back to dry days. sunny and cool mostly cloudy after some morning rain tomorrow. sunny breezy, that low will drop in tomorrow and it will strengthen in southern california again and we will
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have cold lows. fairfield was 29 now they are 31. napa airport 28, i know that is cold but temperatures have been going up as indicated by oakland 43, they were 36 yesterday. some low clouds are helping. livermore was 32 at this time yesterday. i know it is cold but yesterday was colder. up in lower lake county, it is the coldest i can find. napa valley is usually the coldest. 29 semolina was 25 yesterday. it is posted for the north bay only and other locations are running well above 32 degrees due to that low cloud deck. we will have some rain tomorrow but it looks like a one and done. this morning we have low clouds and fog and it will be dry today. it will be mostly sunny and cool, that system will not do
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much more us. it looks like it will really wrap up and give us winds as we head to friday and saturday. if you have plans you might want to keep an eye on the forecast after what they had yesterday and it could happen again as we head to friday timeframe. the fog will burn off, we will have light rain in thursday and it is gone friday and the wind cranks up and with your weekend in view it is cool and sunny. last week, we had four straight winter spare the air days and wood smoke is a major cause of air pollution here in the bay area. a bomb square at a busy california train station, we will have why the word bank was written -- bang was written on
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a backpack.
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. once he is in the store he gets out and starts throwing as much merchandise as he can to
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get in there. >> he hung on the right front of the business where he struck for a short time and pins his tires continuously filling the store with smoke. >> this whole robbery lasted just about ten minutes. the suspect stole about $1,000 in clothing but the damage to the store is about $80,000. police found the truck and they caught the suspect yesterday. well we now know what is behind last night's bomb scare in downtown los angeles. police evacuated that busy train station after a suspicious backpack was found on one of the trains. they gave the all clear after about three hours. the word bang was written on the back of the backpack but we found out the owner the backpack was named bang bang.
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allison is in the newsroom with the high steaks negotiation, allison? >> reporter: pam, funding for dozens of government agency run out on friday but now they say they will not extend it unless this payroll tax cut is resolved first. the congress passed approval with a controversial approval of an oil pipeline and democrats did not like that and they have reached a deal to keep funding the public but it should be a deal from the republican tax debate. >> they smiled shook hands and it is done and i am hopeful that the senate leaders will come to their senses. >> reporter: both sides say they are looking for common ground but they seem to be moving further apart. the session comes in about 15 minutes and i'll take a closer
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look at the biggest sticking points and i will have an update in my next half hour. allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. there is an end to the war in north carolina, now we want to show you a video of the president visiting. all u.s. troops will be out of iraq by december 341st. -- 31st. now at fort brag the president will thank the soldiers for their service and more than 200 soldiers from fort brag have died in iraq. weapons and the wars in iraq and afghanistan for funding, president barack obama has threatened to veto the bill because they are keeping suspected terrorists in
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custody. it was a magnitude 7.1 quake which hit new ginny after 9:00 last night. panicked residents ran out of buildings, power lines swayed, parked cars were rocking and so far we have not heard of any injuries or damage. look at this, a rescue crew rushed to rescue two men trapped up in a tree by rushing floodwaters. this is nelson in the south island of knew zeal land. -- she land. -- new zeal land. two guys were trapped up in a tree when a river bank game way. they were stuck up in a tree for about an hour until rescue teams got them out. they have health insurance now that the new overall law
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took effect. children can remain on their insurance until they are 26 and it is helping them while they make their transitions to work. the mobile clinic operates out of the parking lot at san mateo's human services building in mid-field road. they have abandoned their plans to move into a facility because of protest and a missed deadline to secure enough parking. the mobile clinic is only open on tuesdays and they will be limiting services bike birth control tests and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. they are asking them to throw out the lawsuit of a man who claims he owns whatever the contract. he claims he has a contract
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from 2003 proofing he gave facebook founder mark zuckerberg money to develop facebook but the inc. on the contract -- inc. on the contract is less than two years old. you can have access to a mountain that overlooks san jose. >> yesterday an environmental report said public access to the mountain is feasible and will not cause traffic problems. supporters say it is a major milestone and they can now start creating public space. >> we just love that name, um numb. unfortunately sal has this information... >> there is a car that ran through and exploded into
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flames and now both lanes are blocked right at the cats restaurant. northbound traffic is slowing down because people are looking at the fire crews and apparently somebody is seriously injured at the cats restaurant and a car ran into an end boehnerment -- an bankment and bursted into flames. let's look at the commutes on 880, that looks good with no major problems and metering lights are on and it is about a five minute -- five to seven minute delay, 6:20 let's go to steve. the low cloud deck is starting to increase and that means these lows are starting to come up in advance of a system which will give us a little bit of rain. still upper 20ss , freezing in the north bay but i have seen
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temperatures start to come up here. temperatures are borderline but it was a lot colder yesterday. freeze warning will continue only for the north bay and other locations are starting to thicken up because of the low cloud deck. we will have wind as we go forwards friday and saturday and the wind machine will start to crank up. cooler temperatures are in the 50s and we'll see increasing clouds tonight. lows will be much warmer, we'll see breezy to warm conditions friday to saturday in the afternoon location and friday will be nice but cold in the morning. according to a new study, it says the silicone valley
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ranks 25th and it may include all the cities in the country, san francisco comes in 31st. on the other side of the coin, five of the worst cities are all in california and modesto tops the first. fresno riverside and together tonight are at the bottom of the -- stockton are at the bottom of the list. target is apologizing to an ohio teacher who told her not to bring her students for a trip. for the last five years she and students have gone to that store and spent money for a crisis nursery. that target has a ranked to have all of them come back on friday. they are moving to fight childhood obesity and what residents may soon be paying.
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cracking down on distracted drivers, the nation calls to end all phone calls in the car.
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. good morning traffic is slow, a car burst into flames, we will have more on that coming up. some sufficient figure groups and -- civic groups and law enforcement are calling a band to phones in all cars. distracted driving caused more than 100 deaths in california alone. a north bay man lost his two- year-old daughter from a teen texting at the time and they spot distracted drivers all the time. >> they look at me and say don't worry, i am a good driver. okay great, if you are a great driver but you are not paying attention, what does that make you? >> they do not have the power to enforce restrictions but it does carry weight with lawmakers. they are taking signs to
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fight childhood obesity and the joint measures are scheduled to go before them in november. it is almost 60% of the residents were either overweight or obese. this plan is an elitist tax while some say it is an epidemic. san pablo is looking for a similar proposal. one singer is hoping to make it through another week. >> now that was chris renee who up until now was a trash collector from santa cruz. the winner of the show will get $5 million, the largest single prize in television history. you can watch him tonight on the x factor and it all begins tonight on ktvu channel 2 news. protesters are accusing uc
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police of excessive force. looking ahead to today's hearing on incidents like this one at the berkeley campus. and how long will we have to wait out a freeze warning in the north bay? we will have more. plus on wall street pam will have your early stock numbers. stay tuned for more. ♪ it's easy to see what subaru owners care about. that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 goes to your choice of 5 charities.
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with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year.
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. whew! that was loud. opening bell arrives this morning and ringing the stock exchange, i'm not sure what that is. on the nasdaq, i will look that up, we will have more information coming up in business news and right now markets are reacting. they are opening the nasdaq
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this morning and we are -- the reacting markets are reacting to the feds not making any decisions about the crisis going on in europe and we will talk more about that in business news. >> we will go ahead and smile and say good morning to you, thank you for joining us, it is wednesday december 14th, i am dave clark. >> time now 6:30 don't forget the coats and a frost warning is in effect for napa valley. are there still windchills up there this morning? >> reporter: it is hat and glove weather and of course coats. right now in napa 28 degrees fahrenheit but one thank you need to know about, visibility is just 1.5 miles and if you take a look at the sky here in kansas you can see it is cloudy with that traffic coming our
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way. when i checked with nasa county sheriff's deputies, they said there were no weather related problems they knew of but still the bridges get icy when it is cold like this because you get cold on top and on the bottom. obviously i did something with this windshield before and that's my thumb print. there is a lot more frost and i don't know if it is build up overnight but if you keep going down you can see what is really happening. there are some other folks, we spoke to a truck driver earlier. he was wearing shorts but he says even though he wears shorts in this kind of whether or, he knows when he is driving to be careful because it is icy. >> we are careful when we are driving the trucks so it is
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pretty cool. >> reporter: also dew point in a petition to the fog is 27 degrees and that's another thank you my want to watch out for. people up here are used to it, it happens a lot this time of year so if you are traveling up here, and you are not used to it, you need to be more careful. kraig debro, let's go for a check of the weather with steve paulsen. if you ever a son or daughter in high school they are probably leaving in it shirts right now. we do have -- leaving in t- shirts right now. i know fairfield and napa have been between 27 and 32 but most locations are running warmer livermore 37 and they were 32 yesterday but the freeze warning is out for the north
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bay until 9:00. so palm and dave normal in the bay. in southern california, it has been listed with a little bit of dustingit. yesterday's cold storm brought it to frasier park. a lot of people take it up and down the straight and high winds are expected back on friday so be aware. just a reminder, you can always get the latest weather information on our website and you can get weather alerts sent straight to your phone by signing up for mobile and new this morning, a big setback last night for music students at vallejo oh franklin middle school. parents say thieves stole hundreds of dollars from a fundraising event. it happened last night during a kid's winter concert on the
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campus. men in hooded sweatshirts walked in and stole about $700. that money was to pay for as well as teaching time. if you have any information about this, please call vallejo police. state lawmakers will hold a hearing examining the recent use of force on protesters. ktvu channel 2 news' lorraine blanco is at uc berkeley to tell us what we can expect today. good morning, lorraine? >> reporter: uc berkeley students are discussing what should be done to address campus response to protesters and if you look behind me in the plaza, their used to be more than a dozen tents and it is now completely cleaned out. we spoke with somebody today who has it has been very quiet
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all week. it was not quiet when police clashed with protesters and this incident will be the topic of a discussion in a hearing at the state capital. officials will talk about their response to nonviolent protests and the use of enforcing rules. >> there should be free expression of anybody and yeah, that should be it, like finding some people over that, that is a little too much. >> reporter: student leaders from the student associations will also have a chance to speak this afternoon and the hearing will take place in sacramento at noon today. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. pg&e has taken responsibility for the pipeline
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disaster. they admit they are legally libel for killing eight people. his response is in response of a barrage of lawsuits to the judge and the judge demanded whether the utility will seek to deflect the blame or sent responsibility. >> the ntsb confirmed it in august and it was confirmed again emphatically today by pg&e. >> critics were quick to attack pg&e's motives and they say the admission of liability was a strategic ploy to limit damages in the lawsuit. now we posted a link to pg&e's full statement on our website. just go to and look for san bruno explosion right on our front page. time now 6:37 punishment making the roads safe for
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everybody. a deadly collision killed a pedestrian in san francisco. coming up, the reason why the attorney says this case has a bigger message. also cal trans is picking up the trash on the freeway. they will be picking up trash on highways all over the bay area and you litter bugs, be careful, they are be cracking down on violaters. they saw almost 60 million for the state last year. sal is checking on traffic, sal? we have trouble in the santa cruz mountains and at the restaurant there was a van completely engulfed in flames. it was blocking both lanes and it was blocking and now they have pushed it to the shoulder and they are worried as people are coming from the santa cruz
6:39 am
mountains they are getting a good look at this hunk of metal and it is causing a slow down. this will be a problem until they tow it away. they are getting ready to but give yourself time. also it is backed up for a 15 minute wait and if you are backed up on the bridge there are no problems getting on to the span and the lower deck looks good. 880 north and southbound are getting more crowded but still not stop and go. 6:39 let's go to steve. i know it is cold out there but yesterday was colder. some low clouds have come back and this is in advance of a system that will be here tomorrow morning. right there, it is over my shoulder which will bring us very light rain. but it's a good observation. our reek california -- eureka
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california zero rainfall so that is a wow. i know crescent city is taking in all of that. today low clouds sunny and cool mostly cloudy tomorrow, sunny breezy friday saturday, cold lows but dry and next week is looking dry as well. 20s for some 40s for others. temperatures will be up 5 to 7 degrees. north lake county, some upper 20s and pope valley napa, are the coldest 22. a patch or two of low clouds are forming in advance of this system right there. it looks good, a lot of that energy will miss us. some of the cold, readings it
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will be sunny but cool. lows will be warmer and we will bridge in some light rain in the morning and it looks like it will get stronger as we go friday into saturday. mid-50s to the north bay and it is tough to get 25 degrees warmer. clouds on the increase, friday clearing and the wind picks up friday to early saturday, the mornings are cold. a new victim in the belgium massacre, when police believe the killing spree actually started, we will have more on that. and they are one step closer to leaving their city. coming up, we will tell you why a vote in santa clara puts the san francisco 49ers closer to a stadium there. and we have some troubled spots in the south bay, we will have more on weather and traffic coming up.
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you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ . >> students administrator and
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police experts will testify for uc berkeley. it is another cold morning and a freeze warning is covering the north bay valley but it is cold every place. and washington senate democrats say a bill to extend the payroll tax cut is dead on a rifle in the senate -- arrival, but president barack obama said it is a bill he will veto. a man started by it killing his -- by killing his cleaning lady, they searched the home of the 33-year-old gunman. they found a woman's body dead in the garage and after killing her, he lobbed hand grenades at a bus stop. so far a toddler and three teens died. the gunman eventually shot and
6:46 am
killed himself. investigators are still looking for a motive. the next chapter in the penn state sex abuse case happens friday and that's when the pretrial hearing starts for the athletic director and advice president. they are accused of covering up the alleged scandal. in the meantime, the trial will begin for jerry sandusky. it may take 16 months before the trial begins. and now in the hands of the national football league, it is following last night's crucial vote in santa clara. tara has more from the current home of the san francisco 49ers, tara? >> reporter: they could be playing their last game at candle stick park but what will they use it for, we simply don't know. many are heart broken that the san francisco 49ers could leave their city but they are excited
6:47 am
about the prospects of a brand- new stadium. [applauds] >> reporter: applauds erupted at last night meeting. they approved a vote to build a stadium and some say it carries too high a price tag. they will need to tap $850 million in bank loans and the nfl still needs to kick in $150 million. >> i'm sure we have some more work to do to get under construction but we are looking forward to getting it done. >> what do you say to the people of san francisco? >> we love san francisco, this is not about san francisco 49ers leaving san francisco, this is about a new stadium for the bay area. >> reporter: the stadium and construction could begin next month. they are hoping to kickoff the
6:48 am
next season in santa clara and they have already sold 200 million in luxury seats. tickets go on sale to the general public in less than three weeks. live in san francisco, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. well if the nfl approves the deal and if the san francisco 49ers move what do you think should happen to candle stick park? that is the question we are asking on facebook this morning. one writes, knock it down and build another one at the same place. >> one rights, build a movie theater and community center for all those around. join us on facebook and we will share some of your comments on mornings on 2. there is now a shift in the occupied movement. some of the protesters are ready to change their tactics and they no longer want to be called occupiers. coming up, the new name they
6:49 am
like and what they plan to do next. a san francisco bicyclist could face jail time for a collision that killed a pedestrian. now police say 23-year-old randolph ran a red light on his bicycle and killed a 68-year- old woman. that woman died of head injuries. he is being charged with vehicular man slaughter. in the meantime they are considering stiffer penalel tis for riding bicycles on sidewalks. sal, why are you watching the santa cruz mountains? >> well, we had a van which hit an end bankment and for a while it went on fire and blocked two lanes. now there is a few crashes in that same area so we are having
6:50 am
a commute if this is your commute we will be watching this commute especially closely and we will bring you frequent updates. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, that is backed up for a 15 minute delay. and this morning's drive, if you are driving into san francisco, this is highway 4, stop and go from antioch pockets all the way to highway 4 and 2, back to you steve. we have a lot more in the way of low clouds and yesterday morning was colder. i know it is still cold out there but from our viewpoint, clouds are still holding. we have a system coming in and believe it or not we have light rain but we can use more than light rain. in the mountains, brian tweeted me and said we could use some snow up here. we all need it, it is way too
6:51 am
dry. we started off with 20s for some, cold low clouds and temperatures during the day are cool, days are getting very short here. the system is inching closer so a lot of mid-50s in some locations. yesterday we had low clouds, livermore was 32 yesterday and they are 37 at this time. santa rosa were 28 and they are now 30. san rafael was 33 yesterday, they are now 36. hayward 39 and they were cooler than that yesterday. freeze warning takes us to the north bay. we have a freeze warning only for the north bay and other locations are running generally above freezing. i have seen a lot of 32s and they are finely ejecting out.
6:52 am
here comes our next one that will dive in and give us some clouds. it is a weak system but it intensifies and pattern is locked in and whacked out. we are not getting any rain and some areas get a lot of rain and some areas don't get any at all. cold fog, dry cool, we will take that to increasing clouds and overnight lows will be due to cloud cover and rain but as the system strengthens in southern california winds will pick up. today most live sunny low clouds, the days will be cool to okay. low 50s to mid-50s, your extended forecast always has your weekend in view. wind picks up friday to saturday, and saturday, will be just cold with our lows. initial public offering tomorrow night, it has been one of the highly anticipated ufos
6:53 am
of the year but even before trading starts, one placed a rating. he says farmville has peaked. they are scheduled to offer 100 million shares at price between 8 and $10. they are launches what -- launching what it calls meet and peek. they picked the people they sit next to on a flight based on similar interests. travelers will be able to link in profiles to their online check in information but they can also choose not make their profiles publically available. it is money for freedom, how google puts its money where its mouth is to help end freedom around the world. getting busier, a problemmed spot in the santa cruz mountains.
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. welcome back, dow jones industrial average down 50 point, down to 904 and federal reserve is not doing anything about europe's debt problems but there are some things coming in that could help
6:57 am
things out. and there are millions joining the fight for modern day slavery. google is doesn't -- google is donating to help fight human trafficking. it is the largest corporate grant ever devoted to help fight slavery. let's go to sal for traffic. >> we had that problem in the santa cruz mountains where we had that van on fire and we have had a bunch of unfortunate problems in the santa cruz mountains. i am looking at the commute there and it does not look all that bad, here it is, there is a live picture but it looks like traffic is recovering, now let's go to steve. we have low clouds out there, it is not as cold as yesterday but we have a freeze warning until 9:00 a.m. highs will be in the 50s, maybe
6:58 am
some rain tomorrow, we will have more on mornings on 2. also coming up, it is a frosty morning, temperatures are still below freezing in some areas, we will tell you where they are.
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